This application form is for organisations to apply for support. Individuals are currently unable to directly apply for a device. Find out more about support for individuals.

You should read the application guidance before filling in this form. It covers:

  • Connecting Scotland’s aims
  • the commitment we expect your organisation to make
  • how we’ll assess your application
  • what happens after you submit your application

Applications will be assessed after the closing date on 18th January 2021 (at 11am). We would expect decisions on awards to be made by the end of February and devices to be distributed from early March.

If you have any problems applying, please email

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About you

Local council area

Each local council has devices allocated to them to distribute to people living in their area. Some areas have limited allocation remaining following the first round, so please check the allocation available to ensure your application does not exceed the number of devices available.

If your organisation works in more than one area, you’ll need to apply for each area.


About the people you want to support

How many people or households do you need devices for in each of the following categories? You should only count one person / household in one category.

Devices and connecting to the internet


People can be provided with either an iPad or Chromebook laptop. There’s more information on the benefits of each device in the application guidance. 

How many of each type of device do you need? The total should not exceed the total number of people you will be supporting.

Connecting to the internet

Do you have the resources and capacity to commit to: