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"I found applying for jobs a little daunting after having been unemployed for 17 years, but I can do things now I could only previously dream about."

recipient of a device from Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health

It is almost impossible to apply for work these days without an appropriate device or internet connection. For example, using only a smartphone for online access makes it difficult to undertake some employment related activities, such as editing and saving a CV, completing online applications, or attending an online interview. If you have to rely on using library computers job searching is hampered by having only an alloted time-slot in which to work. Even if you aren't directly seeking work but are working towards qualifications there are difficulties of having to rely on inadequate devices when trying to complete assignments. Connecting Scotland devices and internet connections have given lots of people a boost in their search for employment. Of those who had found employment after receiving their device – the majority (94%) said that having a device from Connecting Scotland had been either essential, or helpful in attaining a job. Furthermore, 72% of respondents still looking for work reported that their chances of getting a job were a little, or a lot, better as a result.

“I can now easily accept video job interviews for jobs I am applying for. It has increased my confidence a lot.“

recipient supported by The Libertie Project, Inverness

“This will enable me to progress with my career in health care, it will allow me to go on to help more people.”

Bryony, student at Fife College

“It has made it easier for me to have a look at potential jobs and I’ll be sorting my CV out on this device.”

Katy, student at Fife College

Meet Jocelyn, whose device helped her to find, apply for and interview virtually for a new job. Jocelyn was successful and now uses the device for managing shift times.

Thomas's story

Thomas received a device and internet connection from LAMH (Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health) funded by the Connecting Scotland programme. When Thomas was initially assessed he had no mobile phone, no way to access the internet and was low in digital skills and confidence.

"I was offered a free iPad from Connecting Scotland, and this was of no interest to me at all. I did not want to be a failure and I was fearful. After some thought I decided to give it a go and accept the iPad.

I can truly say that making this decision has changed my life, never did I realise that I was a quick learner, even call myself a whizz kid now with lots of motivation for learning. I quickly got to know where to get the best connection with MiFi in my flat, and this took a wee bit of getting used to. My first Google search was The Wayside Club in Glasgow for the homeless where I volunteer and could not believe my eyes when I saw my picture on their website.

I can do things now I could only previously dream about. I have been able to connect on Zoom & Microsoft Teams with local organisations such as the Whitlawburn Hub, Healthy & Happy, even attended my induction to volunteer as a befriender on Zoom with them. I also supported someone at a World of Work Microsoft Teams group to unmute, that was amazing!

I started by sending daily emails to World of Work, then found YouTube and relived my youth with songs from the past in fact sometimes I forget to switch the television on, then again, I have STV player too. Daily I use the BBC weather App and find this fascinating that I can plan my walks for the week, weather permitting around Cambuslang, Cathkin Braes, East Kilbride, and Glasgow which is full of lovely parks. Hopefully planning a trip soon around Scotland and I will be sure to take pictures of the lovely scenery on the way to build up my photo library of memories so I can share on Facebook, as this is my next task.

I found applying for jobs a little daunting after been unemployed for 17 years, but then again with help I registered with agencies and managed to download my CV on their websites, even more enjoyable was receiving an acknowledgement by email. 

I have started to like myself again feeling good inside and out, not felt this in a long time, maybe I never have. With no links to the Community Mental Health Team, I now feel proud and value myself using my own initiative to take advantages of opportunities in my life. I do think what if I had never decided to take the iPad, oh what a scary thought. This week I am waiting to hear if I have been successful in a recent interview, and that will not be a scary thought. I will embrace the change and look forward to the future. 

Just one more thing to add - I got the job!”

Jenny, who was made redundant during Covid and then supported by Unlock Employment & Training, said "Your support had changed my life, especially with WiFi access at home."

Alec who received a device from Salvation Army and has found job search much easier and less stressful without having to rely on occasional time on shared devices.

Quotes from organisations

“We’ve empowered our clients to update their online journals for Universal Credit.”

Gavin, Employability Advisor and Trainer at Salvation Army in Falkirk

“I started a Psychology course and had no device or WiFi due to being on benefits. So very grateful and it has made a massive difference.”

recipient supported by The Libertie Project, Inverness