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Staying in touch

"It’s been absolutely brilliant! I speak with my family more often – especially my son who lives in New Zealand."

Robin, a recipient supported by Fife Council housing support

Different people meant different things when they said their Connecting Scotland device helped them to stay in touch. For some it was staying in touch with friends and family; for others it was staying in touch with tutors or teachers; for some it was staying in touch with support workers or counsellors; for others it was staying in touch with their work coach; and for some it was staying in touch with local or world news and events.

"I feel so privileged to get my iPad. It has helped me to feel less isolated as I'm able to facetime my family."

Lorna, recipient supported by Connected Communities, North Ayrshire

"I can get my Scots Farmer and Borders Talking Newspapers. I thought it was quite easy once I was shown how to do it. The loop is great I can sit and use this all the time using my hearing aids, I find it very useful. I can also use the loop to go forward to the next track.”

John, a recipient supported by East Ayrshire Council

"This amazing iPad will help me keep in touch with my family in South Africa as I live here alone."  

recipient of a device from Barmulloch Community Development Company

Rebecca was supported by The No.1 Befriending Agency. This is a must-watch joyful video about the moment Rebecca and her daughter saw each other for the first time in a year due to lockdown.

Janet was supported by Seniors Together South Lanarkshire to stay in touch with people during lockdown.

Marcin was supported by SHMU (Station House Media Unit) in Aberdeen, using the device to stay in touch with family back in Poland during lockdown.

Molly's story

Molly received a device from Fife Council's Housing services. Her Digital Champion helped her make the most of it:

"Molly is 92 years old and stays in Retirement Housing in South West Fife. She was awarded an iPad from Connecting Scotland in November 2020. Molly had very little contact with her family during lockdown and the loneliness was having a detrimental impact on her daily living.

As her Retirement Housing Officer, I visited shortly after her first Digital Champion session and noticed her iPad open on her table. I asked how she had been getting on trying it out. She replied: "Yes, that thing you set up for me to speak to my family. I am online nearly every night to see my daughter".

As a proud Digital Champion, I had a lump in my throat! Due to the pandemic, Molly had felt isolated from her loved ones and is now reconnected and thriving. Molly never thought she would be able to use technology but now says, “If I can learn - anyone can!"

Betty at the very start of a new digital learning journey with a device from Scottish Women's Institute.

Gavin is delighted with an iPad from Sense Scotland to keep in touch with family and improve communication skills.

Pat’s new iPad from People Know How opened up a new world of communication using FaceTime with deaf family members who had become isolated during lockdown.

Quotes from organisations

"Pat recently FaceTimed her grandson who lives in Japan. He has just got engaged and Pat is now planning to attend the wedding on her iPad via live stream!"

People Know How

"Margaret, 79, uses YouTube to follow her grandson, his partner and their dog on their adventures all over the world. Her grandson lives in Canada and they have their own YouTube channel where they record their travels. Margaret enjoys learning about the places they visit."

Lorraine, Housing Officer for Fife Council housing support

"A Social Worker has managed to connect a recipient with a great aunt in Canada he’s not had contact with in 30+ years. They are now FaceTiming weekly!"

People Know How