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Devices and connecting to the internet

People can be provided with either an iPad or Chromebook laptop.  The maximum total allocation of devices for each college or college region is provided in the application guidance. 

Please note that iPad stock is almost fully allocated, so there may be a delay if you choose iPads or you may be offered Chromebooks as an alternative.

How many iPads and Chromebooks would you like to apply for? Each student should only be provided with one device.

Connecting to the internet

A MiFi device will provide an internet connection to those that do not already have access to the internet (WiFi) at home. Please only order the number of MiFi devices you think will be needed, as we find around one-third of Connecting Scotland users already have access to an internet connection at home. You can request additional MiFi after your award if required.

Project delivery

Do you have the resources and capacity to commit to:


If successful, which address should devices be delivered to: