Older & disabled people – application FAQs

If individuals can’t apply themselves, what should they do if they think they may be eligible?

We recommend that individuals who think they may be eligible to contact a local organisation who provides support in your area. Depending on your circumstances, that might be someone in your local council, a support worker or a local or national third sector organisation.

Who will meet the cost of sending out the iPads?

SCVO will arrange distribution to successful teams or organisations. Then the teams and organisations will be responsible for delivering them to the people they’ve identified as needing them.  

Who owns the device?

Once a device is given to someone, they will own it. 

You’ll need to ask them to agree to terms and conditions as part of accepting the device. This will include sharing contact details and being involved in evaluation activities.  

What mobile network is used for Mi-Fi devices?   

Vodafone is currently the default supplier. There may be some flexibility for cases where Vodafone does not offer coverage.  

What is the data allowance for the MiFi? 

The intention is to offer an unlimited data allowance for Phase 2 (subject to a fair usage cap) for up to 24 months

What if someone has no mobile reception? 

We are unlikely to be able to provide connectivity to people who live in areas with no mobile reception. However, exceptional cases may be considered, so please highlight in your application if this is a consideration.  

Who pays for the data after 24 months?  

People will be offered the data allowance for 24 months.  We will contact people towards the end of the 24 months to explain their options.   

How we help people to afford data will be considered as part of the long-term strategy to support digital inclusion at a national level.    


Contact help@connecting.scot if you’ve any questions about the Connecting Scotland programme.