iPad videos

We have a selection of videos to help Digital Champions get familiar with using the iPad. If you don’t have an iPad at home or aren’t familiar with them, these videos will help you with some of the basics.

Getting started

Setting up an iPad:

The basics

Getting started with iPad

Using Safari web browser on the iPad:

Using iPad accessibility features:

Parental Controls

How to setup parental controls to keep children and young people safe online

With thanks to Michael Conlon from XMA for producing these videos.


Some of these videos demonstrate the accessibility features on an iPhone rather than an iPad. Don’t worry. They both work the same way.

How to have your iPad read text to you (Speak screen):

Magnifying your iPad screen (Zoom):

Using VoiceOver on your iPad (for users who are blind or partially sighted):

Change the way colours are seen on your iPad:

Using AssistiveTouch on your iPad: