Delivering remote support

A challenge for Digital Champions during lockdown is delivering support remotely, over the phone.

Normally, a Digital Champion would support someone with their digital skills face-to-face in a setting where they can work through tasks together on the same device.

But when you’re delivering support remotely, you:

• cannot see the same screen as your learner

• may not be familiar with the device they are using

• may not have access to the same device

• need to be careful about how you use language

To help make remote support easier for you, we’ve got iPad and Chromebook quick start guides. They’ll help you support your learner, and help you talk through setting up the device.

We also have visual resources with British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters.

Here is the Chromebook setup video:

And here is the iPad setup video:

And here is a setup video for the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) device