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Documents and downloads

Template user agreements 

People who are provided with devices should complete a User Agreement. Each device will be shipped with 2 copies of the User Agreement – one for the user to keep and one to be signed and retained by your organisation. The User Agreement includes a Privacy Notice. 

This includes all the information we collect and the process for how individuals can manage how we use their data in Connecting Scotland. These Agreements must be given to each device recipient, and they accept the device based on the Terms and Conditions contained within this agreement. You should ask users to sign the User Agreement for your own records, but you do not need to return this to Connecting Scotland. 

Should you require additional copies of the User Agreement, they are provided here in different formats: 

User agreements for refugees from Ukraine:

The User Agreement is also available in an Easy Read format. Please note that this version is two documents, and both should be used together. The User Agreement and Privacy Notice have been split into two different documents to keep each document under 15 pages. 

Device guides 

Each device is shipped with a printed ‘getting started guide’ for either a Chromebook or an iPad.  

Device guides for refugees from Ukraine:
Chromebook Guide (Ukrainian)
iPad Guide (Ukrainian)

Alternative language versions and video guides are available on our getting started pages for users

Example grant agreements for organisations 

Phase 2 - families & care leavers projects 
Phase 2 - older & disabled people projects 


If you’d like to share your involvement in Connecting Scotland we have prepared a comms pack that you are free to use and adapt as you need to. If you’re using social media you can tag the programme using #ConnectingScotland. 

We encourage you to share your stories and pictures, where you’ve been able to obtain the appropriate consents to do so.