Roles and responsibilities

Connecting Scotland is a cross-sector partnership and we are delighted that hundreds of organisations are able to help tackle digital exclusion by delivering devices, internet connectivity and support to people in communities across Scotland. 

For phases 1 and 2 of Connecting Scotland, the key responsibilities of delivery partners are to: 

  1. Accept your grant agreement – we’ll order your devices for distribution to the agreed address once received.  
  2. Sign up and undertake Digital Champion Training – Get staff and volunteers to undertake their training now so you’re ready to go. Don’t wait for your devices!  
  3. Receive your devices – Make a note of the device serial numbers and SIM card phone numbers so you can keep track of who receives what. 
  4. Issue devices – Within 30 days (14 days for fast track) of receiving devices. Make sure you provide those you’re supporting with a User Agreement so they understand what’s involved. Keep the signed copies safe.  
  5. Input user data – Within 14 days of issuing each device. You can enter this monitoring information via our portal. This is essential to enable us to provide support, demonstrate impact and report to auditors. 
  6. Provide Digital Champion support – Help those receiving devices to get connected and benefit from being online.  
  7. Undertake the welcome survey with the User – This helps us measure impact. It’s optional for the user to take part but everyone should be asked.  
  8. Share the good news – Tell others about the great work you’re doing as part of Connecting Scotland. You can use our comms pack to help. Don’t forget to share your stories with us. 

Full detail on roles and responsibilities are set out in your grant agreement. Example agreements are online for families & care leavers or older & disabled people projects.