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Monitoring and evaluation

Collecting user data 

The organisation grant agreement asks you to collect and share with us basic information on everyone you support, including the serial numbers of the device and SIM mobile number given to them. The people you support should read and sign the User Agreement to ensure they understand how their data will be used. 

For Fast Track projects, we ask that you deliver devices to people and provide us with their details within 14 days from the date of delivery of your devices and/or MiFi (whichever is latest) to your organisation. 

You should complete this form online for each person or household allocated a device

We need user data in order to: 

  1. Provide service user with support to use device and internet connection 
  2. Contact service user with important information regarding the project, device or internet connection 
  3. Contact service user to evaluate the success of the programme 
  4. Manage the mobile connectivity contracts 
  5. Produce anonymous statistical reports on the number of people who have received support 
  6. Provide auditors with evidence on how public funds have been spent 
  7. Evaluate the impact of digital exclusion, research and analysis to address wider inequalities 


As part of our evaluation approach we’re asking for assistance to record some baseline data.  

We’re asking organisations to help complete a welcome survey with every person getting a device. They do not have to participate if they don’t want to, but everyone should be asked to participate.  

We will also ask for your help to complete a follow-up survey at 3 months. We would like to send this directly to the device recipients, so if you are able to capture an email address this would be beneficial. If we are unable to send this directly to the device recipients we will ask for assistance from you to share this survey. 

We will also conduct some follow-up phone calls with device recipients as part of our evaluation approach, which is detailed in the User Agreement. 

There is no formal report template we ask organisations to complete as part of Connecting Scotland but we may ask you to share case studies and participate in some evaluation interviews. 

If you have a story you want to share about your valuable Digital Champion support, check out our 'share your stories' guidance and templates.